casadasartes cultural paradise

a place to develop artistic projects based on barter

creations - investigations - rehearsals - shootings - performances - writing of books and scripts - projections - presentations - exhibitions - workshops - laboratories - residences – postproduction

un lugar

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

"They will be able to cut all the flowers but they will not be able to stop the spring"

"By the natural law of meetings, I leave and I receive a bit"
Novos Bahianos


Casadasartes opens its doors for projects of cinema, theater, circus, dance, visual arts, literature, perfomance, gastronomy and any discipline of physical, mental or spiritual development; at any stage (research, production, finalization, presentation, training) to be developed in our space in Embu das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil.

Creators, directors, filmmakers, authors, choreographers, photographers, actors, dancers, acrobats, musicians, visual artists, critics, thinkers, researchers and teachers of any country, age, gender or race, are invited to submit their projects, as well as to participate in the projects already selected.

The selection will prioritize the quality, originality, audacity and especially the artistic development that the project means for the creator.

Everybody, filmmakers, collaborators and Casadasartes, participate in the projects based on exchange.


Those interested send their projects
An advisory selection committee evaluate the projects
Casadasartes announcesthe selected projects, along with the available positions (if there are)
Those interested in occupying the different positions write to us
The project holder selects his collaborators and establishes with each one the "currency" of barter according to the situation of the project (transport, food, material or artistic exchanges, services, percentage, payment, etc.).
The project holder is in charge of producing, advertising, etc., as well as covering all the expenses of the project (through own resources, crowdfunding, funds, etc.)
The project is carried out in Casadasartes
The responsible leaves something in barter (objects, equipment, services, etc. *) and includes Casadasartes in all advertising pieces.
The person in charge remains with the totality of the rights of the work
The house is left clean and ready to receive the next project

 * In the case of projects that include income (workshops, laboratories, presentations, etc.) the project holder will divide it with Casadasartes in equal parts.


Located just 25 km from São Paulo, on a piece of land of 13,000 square meters and surrounded by a 100 km2 belt of preserved native vegetation;Casadasartes is frequently visited by monkeys, deer’s, toucans, wild rabbits, fireflies and huge blue butterflies.

The main construction, of 500 m2, has a living room of 200m2 where you can fly either in trapeze, project a film or set up an opera.

There are 12 double beds distributed around the house, semi-Olympic pool, wood-burning sauna, a lake at the end of the dirt road and several paths in the forest.

We have internet, vegetables and fruit from the orchard.


Promote artistic development
Investigate alternative forms of production
Encourage the encounter of artists of different nationalities, disciplines and backgrounds
Promote good vibes
Go back to nature


Mentor: Kris Niklison

We are setting up a team of collaborators.

Do you want to be part?

Send us a brief email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telling us what you would like to collaborate with and what you would like to receive in return.

We need help in organization, administration, production, publicity, social network, design, audiovisual, painting, carpentry, permaculture, etc.

In return you can participate in the activities or be hosted at the house



Send us a brief email with your project to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Remember to read all the information on the site, including the FAQ, before sending.

here we are

Casadasartes is at Rua das Artes 625, in Embú das Artes, SP, Brazil.

Embú, which after a plebiscite in 2011 becomes Embú das Artes, is a city with an unforeseen contemporary specialization: that of welcoming artists….
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  • 3 minutes from the colonial center of Embú das Artes
  • 45 minutes from São Paulo.
  • 60 minutes from Guarulhos airport
  • 90 minutes from the LitoralPaulista coast

Rua das Artes 625, Embu das Artes
São Paulo Brasil

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