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"By the natural law of meetings, I leave and I receive a bit"
Novos Bahianos


Casadasartes welcomes artists from cinema, theater, circus, dance, visual arts, writing, music, performance, or any discipline of physical, mental or spiritual development; who want to live with other artists.


The house not only offers a place to live together with other artists, but also the possibility to share the workspace.

Its 8 m high, 10 m wide and 20 m long rehearsal room can accommodate from painters' easels and sculptors' tables, to trapeze flights, film screenings or music and theatre rehearsals.

The idea is that the co-livers share this space according to the needs of each one, promoting a collaborative coexistence.


With unique architecture and just 25 km from São Paulo - on a plot of 13,000 m2 and surrounded by a 100 km2 belt of preserved native vegetation-, Casadasartes is frequently visited by little monkeys, deer, toucans, wild rabbits and large blue butterflies.

The main building, measuring 500 m2, has 3 bedrooms, 2 mezzanines, American kitchen, work desk, balcony, semi-Olympic swimming pool, sauna and a 200m2 rehearsal space.

The surroundings, a noble and preserved region of Embu das Artes, offer a lake at the end of the dirt road and several paths surrounded by native forest.

The house also has 1000 meg fiber optic internet.


Stimulate the meeting of artists from different disciplines and backgrounds

Foster inspiration and the exchange of ideas

Strengthen the network

Decrease the cost of living

Promote community spirit

Go back to nature


Single mezzanine with shared bathroom: 1400 reais per month

Private room in demi-suite: 1800 reais per month

*Includes water, gas and internet (electricity bill will be split between all co-livers)

Do you want to be part?

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here we are

Casadasartes is in Embú das Artes, SP, Brazil.

Embú, which after a plebiscite in 2011 becomes Embú das Artes, is a city with an unforeseen contemporary specialization: that of welcoming artists….
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  • 3 minutes from the colonial center of Embú das Artes
  • 45 minutes from São Paulo.
  • 60 minutes from Guarulhos airport
  • 90 minutes from the LitoralPaulista coast

Embu das Artes
São Paulo, Brasil

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